Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Introduce yourself to the class please...

Hey guys! The name is Julie Anna Bernardino Villacarlos. Julie for short. I'm 17 years old with a height of 5 feet and 8 inches, at least that was my height the last time I checked. I'm currently residing in Baguio City (Summer Capital of the Philippines!) for my studies, but I'm initially from Malabon City (Flood city of the Philippines?).

My education:
I spent my elementary years in San Diego, California and went home to the Philippines in the middle of my middle school life. I studied in one high school, but due to bullying, I transferred and graduated from Notre Dame of Greater Manila.

My personality:
I'm quiet, stubborn, but innocent in the eyes of people who don't know me, but once you do, I'm noisy, frank, but still innocent enough to not get into trouble all the time. I tell friends what I think of them, what I see, but I still manage to watch what I say. I am no popular person. If you were to rank me from 1 to 5, wherein 5 is the highest in the social ladder, I'm at 2. I only have very few friends, because HEY, I can choose my friends, right? And right now, I can only find so few people who I can deal with.

I like to talk about current events, the occasional gossip, and all that stuff. I spend most of my days either studying or blogging, but I ain't no nerd! When you love your course, you just want to always make sure you get good enough grades because you want this profession to succeed!

My make-up story:

I was known before as a motherly figure to the girls, and a tomboy to the boys. I didn't like make-up, as I thought it would make you a "flirt". I TAKE IT ALL BACK.

It all started from my first manicure, since then, I have tried different products for nails, and eventually progressed to make-up. I am only a student so my budget isn't as high as I want it to be, but I manage to find good products.

Well, basically (What was so basic about that? LOLS) that's it! This, I think, is more than enough to know about me!


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